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Ahead of its official release, imported iPads are selling like hot cakes in Singapore
28 April 2010

Coming soon to your computer screen

If talks between Hollywood studios and YouTube don’t break down, film buffs would have less reason to make a trip to the pirated video sellers.
3 Sep 2009

Your DNA? Thanks but no thanks

So far DNA tests have been accepted as the last words in forensic evidence to establish identities. Not any more.
19 Aug 2009

Eastern Promises

Is it fair to let people exploit immigrant IT workers?
9 July 2009

Tweet your politics

Twitter has enabled cyber civil unrest in Iran but is it free of the danger of being misused?
22 June 2009

What women want?

Promotions, job security or work-life balance? What is it that matters to the female workers?
2 June 2009

Will Singapore drive tech innovation in Asia?

Singapore seems to be emerging as the next hotspot of tech innovation in the region.
18 May 2009

Outsourcing and its discontents

President Barack Obama’s new tax plan aims to discourage outsourcing. Will it?
8 May 2009

Social networking and the Indian elections

How Web-savvy are the Indian politicians and how some of them are using Web 2.0 tools such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to connect with the electorate.
15 April 2009

Come, let’s tweet

We are on Twitter now!
6 April 2009

In a war for survival

Management guru Ram Charan talks about the new rules for getting the right things done in difficult times in his new book.
24 March 2009

When ‘growth’ is not good

In a world of finite resources, the greed for infinite growth has got us into today’s global financial crisis. It’s time we asked some tough questions about the nature of the financial systems that control our lives.
13 March 2009

Baby or briefcase?

Yesterday (8 March) we celebrated the International Women’s Day. It made me reflect on the issue of women at the top in general and women in IT in specific.
9 March 2009

Making sense of ‘packaged’ terrorism

It’s not the acts of terrorism that matter most in the post-9/11 world, it’s what we are told to think about the acts of terror.
19 Feb 2009

The venture misadventure

In the process of engineering a financial recovery, there are two issues that are not being paid enough attention.
17 February 2009

The big escape

Looking at the way the financial crisis is being (mis)handled by world leaders, there does not seem to be any escape from misery in sight. This is the first part of a series of blog posts on this theme.
4 Feb 2009

The curious case of B. Ramalinga Raju

Satyam’s disgraced founder may not be a nice man to know. But trying to understand his rise and fall might throw some light on how business is conducted in a new, shining India.
22 Jan 2009

How to talk about books you haven’t read

Where there is a will, there is a way—as far as talking about books one hasn’t read is concerned.
19 Jan 2009

The art of war

In the Israel-Gaza conflict, the Israeli side has embraced the new media to relay its viewpoint with great success.
8 Jan 2009

Welcome to ‘Prison Earth’!

Is our quest for more security at the cost of our privacy?
16 Dec 2008

A pyrrhic victory

Will online media’s triumph over the print turn out to be a pyrrhic victory in the long run?
10 Dec 2008

Terror and technology

Technology connecting lives in the November 26 terror attacks in Mumbai.
28 Nov 2008

Obama’s way

Web 2.0-savvy Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is inspiring politicians all over the world.
14 Nov 2008

Deducted at source

If Obama is against outsourcing, why were Bangalore techies rooting for him?
7 Nov 2008

When “The West Wing” meets the “Man of the Year”

Or how Barack Obama can still lose the election?
4 Nov 2008

The Indian Renaissance

Why did India take so long to rise from a deep slumber?
23 Oct 2009

The return of the native: India’s reverse brain drain

Unfortunately, like all exits cannot be clean and all exiles cannot be painless, all returns too cannot be rosy.
13 Oct 2008

A dark cloud looms over India’s economic transition

Technology, industry and politics often play hide and seek to the amusement of none—Tata’s struggles in Singur, India is a case in point.
29 Sep 2008

Are we on the road to perdition?

If you ask me in terms of imagery, this financial crisis is akin to the 9/11
19 Sep 2008

Understanding the femme factor in Asian I.T.

There is a behind-the-scenes secret I want to share with you, that emerged when I was researching my CIO Asia September 2008 story on women in Asian IT.
12 Sep 2008

The success secret behind Wall-E

Andrew Stanton’s Wall.E will always remain a special film for me.
8 Sep 2008

Why this iPhone fever?

Why did people go crazy after the iPhone? Why did it generate so much public hysteria?
29 August 2008

‘Boss, give me face’

It turns out that this phrase carries a great weight in the Chinese business circles.
25 August 2008